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Let’s talk about village for a minute. I am extraordinarily passionate about fostering connection between people. It has personally saved me more times than I can count. I know first hand the importance of having people you trust in your life.

I am talking about people outside your family. So while you may (luckily) have that connection with your sister, dad, aunt, cousin, there is something magical about closeness with a chosen family. In fact studies have shown it improves mother’s well being.

In 2015 a group of researchers from the University of Western Australia surveyed 313 mothers with kids under the age of 5. They found that mothers who had social support networks and who participated in parenting groups had better social and emotional well being than those who went at it alone. Mothers who were in communities for longer than three years also scored better than those who had recently moved.

Community matters. It completes us.

Sadly over the years it has decreased. We have moved to the suburbs, erected our fences, and taken to shopping at the pristine grocery stores. No longer do we linger with friends over a cup of coffee or reach out to truly know who our neighbors are.

So what does this have to do with buying clubs?

Buying clubs only work if you have a community. Spending time with others, working towards a goal of purchasing at a discount, sorting your purchases in someone’s home all make us spend time together and foster a sense of community and belonging. Yes this may seem like a tiny thing but here at Manage My Co-op we have watched it happen over and over again. Buying clubs naturally foster this connection.

So what can you do as a member of one of these groups? Or if you run a group?

  • The first step to all of this is showing up.
  • The second is simply making the choice to be involved.
  • The third? Look for the connections. Seek it out by asking questions or sharing about your life. Relatively quickly you will realize that you share a common purpose or direction.

Repeat steps one through three over and over. Through the process you will find that only will you have access to awesome deals with your aggregate purchasing power but you will find that you can grow a village with these like minded people.

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